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Antigua Village Director Newsletter


Antigua Director Newsletter

September-October, 2017



 Dear Antigua Owners:


Sorry about the length of this newsletter but there’s a lot to cover.


REMODEL. Now thatour remodeling project is infull swing it’s time toreview the numerous items we have been working on in our Village.

The remodel project continuesto progress. We are currently at approximately 33% of the way to completion. I understand theprogress has been slower than expected, however we are continuing to push the pace.The contractor is promising to addan additional crew and still makethe year-end deadline.


Despite ahost of issues when weopen up the oldsiding, as well as problems with the original construction,the finished producthas been well receivedin the Village. At this point I havewalked every scaffoldand personally reviewed every requestfor additions to thecontract. To this pointwe have only incurred minor chargesfor additional damages weuncover.  Whilewe can’t predict the future, as we are movingto the olderunits, it’s still agreat start.


We have signed acontract with an electrical contractor to begin “hiding” the individual TV cables attachedto the sides of the units. They will begin assoon as the suppliesarrive. Once accomplished, no additional cables will be allowed tobeattached to any unit exterior,nor any holes orpenetrations allowed through the new Allurasiding.

 I will of course continue to personally monitorthis project. The staff and I will review any request from thecontractor for additional work.

 WATERSIDE DECKS.We signed a contract to have the waterside upper decks re-coatedprior to the winter. You will be receiving a notice of when they need you to remove items from the deck so this work can proceed. The work has been scheduledto start in thefirst part of October. Your cooperation will greatlyhelp in expediting this work. Those units that have previously altered their surfaces to tile, carpet or some other materialwill need to be sure their decks are sealed to prevent damaging thedeck or the units below.

LANDSCAPING. We are now being served byPark West landscape. You canstill report concerns through the homeowner’s office. They have completedgoing through the Village and cleaning every garden.They have also sprayed for weeds and will be applying a pre-emergent to stop futureweeds. They will begin treating the numerous plants that are affected by fungion the leaves. The sole intent ofthis contract is to improvethe service level to Antigua. We will very soonbe replanting the areas that were damaged by theremodel activity.


ASPHALT. We will very shortlybe patching, crack filling and resealing the asphalt drives betweenthe garages. This time of year presents the perfect weatherand the Village is at its lowest occupancy. I know it’s inconvenient butwe really need to have this done to prevent even moreexpensive repairs. While this isn’t the perfect repair it will buy us sometime to save the necessary funds for a future complete asphaltoverlay.

UPPER UNIT OWNER RESPONSIBILITY. In the last two months, we have had no less than four upstairs units that havecaused a water leak into the downstairs units.These were caused by leakingshowers, leaking toilets or hot water heaters. Because the damage is caused by the upstairs unitit becomes their responsibility to repair.These water intrusions, as we all know usually involve mold,
abatement and monitoring, plus the replacement of affected contents in the lower unit. These repairs have run from $3000 for the cheap ones and some have exceeded $25,000. Thesecosts are being paid by the unit owners or their insurance companies. If you own an upstairs unit, I would in the strongest terms advise you to checkyour water heaters and be sure they have apan under them, check  tile grout, lines to toiletsand washing machines and thewax ring seals under each toilet and thecaulking seal between the toilet and thefloor. Also, be sure your homeowner’s policy covers this type of damage. Some companies have indicatedthey will not cover items that failed due to lack of maintenance by theowners.


PLUMBING. We of course continue to experience failures in the cast irondrain lines. We have now found additional companiesthat perform “lining”services. We aremeeting with these firms and will be gettingprices to complete the Village.

They offer warranties from 15 to 50 years dependingonthe product used. We simply mustaddress this issue. The cost to all owners, for what are now preventable repairs has to stop.We will spend farmore in repairs and thecost to completely rebuild owner’s unitsandreplace their contents than thecost to reline the pipes.

ROOFS. We have performed as much preventive maintenance as wecan prior to thewinter, including the replacement of eighteen (18) chimneycaps. . We will of coursehave one last look beforethe rainy season starts,however we arein far better shape than last year. We willstill need to addressanddevelop a planfor the replacement of the roofs.


SPECIALASSESSMENTS. I continueto work on thissubject. As the current laws covered inthe Davis/Sterling act specify that wemust assess for the exactamount we require andspend those funds within onecalendar year. That forces us to be very precise aboutthescope and to determine the
cost. We arein the process ofdoing exactly that. Itwas my hope to beable to ascertain one cost for everything,I now believe with this requirementwe may be looking at two orthree assessments over thecoming years. The amount will essentially be thesame; we may justneed to tackle these matters one at a time. We cannot
just estimate these proposedspecial assessments, we must be exact. The current projections show us needingto borrow approximately $1,372,000to complete the current remodelproject.


We continue workingto obtain completive pricingon addressing the down drain relining.I want to tackle thisproblem next year.The current bid to completeto complete the
102 units is $1,326,394.

 These are not the exact numbers. We are still workingto narrow down on theexact numbers but I’mconfident were pretty close.

 The next project totackle will be the roofing. I intend toaddress that throughthe winter a have cost by spring of 2018. Our currentbids are around $1.4 million to

$1.7 million.

 NOTICES.Everyone should havereceived a letter indicating the processfor altering any common area. I also included thewarranty requirement for the upperwaterside decks. We will also be sending notices to those ownerswho have altered commonareas in the past, aswell as those owners who have situationscausing damage to common areas or units below. apologize in advance; however,these actions by the CCHOA should have beengoing on over thepast 15 years. We are trying to makeup for a considerable deficit insome previous management practices.

 INDEMNITY AGREEMENTS. After much work, we now have an agreement process andofficial recording with the County of SanDiego Recorders Office that ownerswill be required to complete for any past or future alterations to Common

Area / SpecialUse Common Areas (like decks, enclosing patios, etc.) which will insure
the maintenance responsibility
conveyed to the unit owner andtransferred to future owners.The administrative, legal andrecording cost to the owners whowant to modify their exteriors will be about$200. This agreement will need to be completed,notarized and recorded with theCounty before the AECC can approve the project request.


These agreements will onlyneed to be completed on itemspertaining to the exterior ofthe units in most cases.

 WIRE CHASES. The large bundle of wires hanging down the side of the building will very soon be reinstalled. You can look at the one near unit103 as an example.

 LIGHTING. The CCHOA continuesto replace the florescent bulbs inthe ground lighting and breezewayswith the new white LED’s.

 We are looking to scheduled meeting on October7 at 10:00 am inthe Grand Caribe room to go over any questions or concerns you may have.