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Antigua Village Newsletter July- Aug 2017



Dear Antigua Residents:

Our remodeling project is now in full swing. We have almost completed the first phase of units.

Despite a few glitches, which we all expected, the work is proceeding as planned.  We have thus far seen very little secondary damage, once we’ve opened up the old siding. There’s a long way to go, but a nice start.

On a couple separate notes, as we tear off old material it sometimes exposes the many colors our Village has been painted. You would be surprised to see the bright blues and yellows which were originally applied. Further, as we install the new product, we are seeing how out of square the original construction was. You will notice a more level and straighter look to the buildings when the new product is up

We continue looking for ways we might accelerate this project as many of you have suggested. We currently have a commitment from the contractor to add additional personnel later in July which should help.  I hear you and we’re working on it.  

Now on to our numerous other issues:

Exterior TV Cables.  We will be cleaning up the exterior chases that run the TV cables up on the roof. As with many things in Antigua, it’s not as simple as you would think or hope to get this done.  We will also be removing and rerouting the surface mounted wiring on the exteriors of the units. Much of this has been installed by multiple vendors and cables services. It’s hard to believe how poorly and quite unsightly some of these installations are. Our hope is to produce a very clean looking exterior.

Going forward if exterior wiring is detected by the CCHOA compliance personnel, the cost to remove the wiring, repair the new Allura or stucco will be quite prohibitive to the owner. Getting rid of all these cables was one of the big concerns voiced at all our meetings.

WaterSide Upper Decks. We have gotten several bids to recover or reseal these as we progress through the remodel. The costs look to be within our ability to complete as part of our remodel. It is our intention to complete this work prior to next winter and prevent the massive repairs and expenses we had this year. Those units which have covered the original surface with tile, carpet or some other material will of course have to take responsibility for sealing their own property.

Plumbing.  As expected we continue to experience these plumbing drain line failures. There has been three more in the last month, and like all of them the secondary cost far exceeds the actual pipe repair.  We are still searching for an affordable, reliable repair. Our new reserve study addresses this matter in 2026; however I firmly believe we need to complete this work much faster.  Once we make good progress on the remodel this matter will get my full attention.

FlatRoofs.  Like the plumbing issue, this is one that still needs addressing. Our current roofs are a mixture of different materials, little or no slope, drains that are 1 inch above the roof surfaces, no flashing in some areas and old worn out surfaces. We are currently reviewing options that best address this matter and provide the best value. Suffice it to say, the last experts have all recommended a full replacement of all the roofs at a cost of 1.3 million dollars.

Parking.  As a few residents have learned, parking between the garages now gets a ticket for $75.00 dollars from the Coronado Police.  The City has agreed to step up enforcement of this as well as those parking in the red zones.

Landscaping.  At the June board meeting, the board approved having three Villages proceed with contracting the Landscape maintenance to a qualified landscape maintenance company.  The three villages are Antigua, Kingston and Bahama.  The landscape company that was selected from the eight bidders was “Park West Landscape Management”.  They will begin servicing our Village around August 21.  This effort was started by three owners in Antigua over two years ago as a way to improve the service level of our landscape.  Aside from improving in the service it also comes with a substantial saving in cost to our Village.

Many of you will see trees and shrubs removed as part of our remodel. This needs to be done in order to accommodate the scaffolding. We will be replacing those plants once the job moves on.

Stairs.  We have a contract to repair any damaged items on the stairways and patio rails. Despite a few glitches that work has begun and you will see replacements being installed. They will be left in white primer until the remodel project paints them as part of their scope.

Dockplumbing.  It is still my intention to complete this work in the summer. The current plan will replace the bulkhead pipe which runs along the seawall and run a new line to the dock. They will then place a faucet on the last post of the gang way. It’s a very clean and far less complicated solution to this ongoing problem.

Treetrimming.  We were able to get our palms trimmed and thus avoid all the dropping flowers and seed pods this summer. I do expect that we will need to trim them again sometime in early December.

Dues andAssessments.   I am continuing to work on resolving this matter. Working with Michael Bennett our manager, the accounting staff, as well as Dan in physical plant and a number of our vendors, I hope to have numbers quantified in the very near future and resolve this matter.

ShortTerm Rentals.  We are finally getting some support from the City of Coronado, in cracking down on owners who rent their units by the day or week. The city has begun to prosecute some of these owners. (See article in the The Coronado Times, 6/22/2017) If you have a neighbor who is renting for less than 25 days you can contact the city at rentalviolations@coronado.ca.us and have them investigate. Also, when someone rents a unit, the landlord must provide to the tenant the garage spaces as well as the dock space that corresponds to the unit. Once a unit is rented the only thing the owner keeps is the right to vote in the HOA. If you have neighbors who are using the garage for storage and not providing it to the tenants, this can be reported also. You can call the Coronado City Manager at 619-522-7335 to report a concern.