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Mardi Gras Newsletter May 2017


Good afternoon Mardi Gras Homeowners and Residents, this is an update regarding happenings in your Village.




The Coronado Cays Homeowners Association (CCHOA), met last week and approved the budget for the CCHOA for 2017-18.

Mardi Gras’ dues will increase 7.0% (approximately $25.60 per month). Common dues will also increase 10% (approximately $11.27 per month). The Mardi Gras increase was the lowest of the 10 Villages, while some Villages had increases of 20% which is the maximum allowable. There are 1200 homes in the CCHOA, and Mardi Gras has 120 of those homes. There are 4 condominium villages of which Mardi Gras is one of the condo villages. Two of the condominium villages will either have special assessments or maximum increases for the next 5 years in order to address major delayed maintenance issues. Part of the increase for Mardi Gras is due to a new Reserve Study which raised the costs to replace/repair maintenance issues in our Village for the next decade. Our operating budget is projected to be $348,646 which includes landscaping, maintenance, and member services. Our reserve budget for 2017-18 is projected to be $487,348. The largest items are, the start of home painting for $160,000 ($318,000 over the 3 years), clubhouse kitchen and restrooms for $30,938 and pool deck replacement due to cracking for $39,325 (this is our 45% share of expenses while Port Royale pays 55%), the seawall stabilization of $140,000 (includes $15,000 for inspection), termite control $16,000 ($176,000 over the next 6 years), landscaping $27,734, and smaller items such as electrical pedestals, decks, irrigation, roofing, spa heater and filter. The roads will have a new overlay in 4 years for $216,000. 


One additional cost item is the maintenance department has notified the Mardi Gras and Port Royale directors that the BBQs cannot be repaired. We have only had them for 3 years and 5 of the valve stems are broken and the parts are supposedly no longer available. Replacement of the BBQs will cost $2700 and service for the year will bring the cost to $3,000. The Port Royale director and myself believe that due to the replacement cost and lack of use that we not replace the BBQs. If you feel differently please let me know.


Budgets are always a major concern for all of us as we seldom want increases in our yearly dues. Directors seldom have many choices in the items as most are fixed. This would include for Mardi Gras, roads, roofs, painting, sewer, grounds, termites, and clubhouse. Of course emergency repairs such as those this last winter affect our budget. The maintenance and grounds managers know that we want the best value for the funds expended. They are also aware that we do not want any deferred maintenance that will only aggravate and increase the costs at a future date.




The landscape outsourcing was not voted on by the Board this month. Several residents did address this issue with the Board. Presumably a decision regarding landscape outsourcing will be made soon. A number of “grounds” issues in Mardi Gras have been discussed with the grounds manager and to date I believe there has been a marked improvement with the appearance. Of course additional improvement will continue. Water or lack of, will probably be an issue for the coming years.




There will be free transportation to the Village of Coronado this summer every 30 minutes from Loews Coronado Bay Resort. By texting your address, name and number of passengers, Loews will personally pick you up and bring you to their front door. More information on this free service will be distributed throughout the Cays and available at the CCHOA office shortly. On July 4th, the City of Coronado will be providing a dedicated bus for Cays residents throughout the day.





Waiting, and still waiting for final approvals to come in. The southern portion of the wall from units 87 to113 on Tunapuna and the south end which runs east to west are slated to receive the helical tieback anchors. This is the area with the immediate need. All other areas along the seawall are within 4 feet from the sand to the cap on the seawall which has been determined to be the safety margin for the seawall. The sand replacement approval request application has been separated from the anchors application as the addition of sand replacement was continuing to cause the delay. Sand replacement is still desired and we still have our application moving slowly along.




The sealcoat on the roads that was just added is supposed to maintain the integrity of our asphalt until the new overlay is added in 4 years.




Mardi Gras is a terrific Village in the CCHOA and as of this date in sound financial shape. I welcome your concerns, questions, and comments



 Bob Rood, Mardi Gras Director