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Mardi Gras Village Newsletter March 2017


Good afternoon homeowners and residents of Mardi Gras.

This email is the Spring update on the current developments in your Village-Mardi Gras.


Weather Issues

Several months ago Mardi Gras had all of the flat roofs resurfaced, and a survey was performed which covered all of the roofs in Mardi Gras. Broken tiles were replaced, defects in the flat roofs were corrected, original skylights that were cracked were ordered, dormers and chimney caps that were rusted were ordered. Most of the skylights were supposedly replaced prior to most of the rain, but the chimney caps did not get made in time for our last rains. In addition the high winds destroyed additional chimney caps thus necessitating the need to order more chimney caps. The maintenance department re-inspected the roofs that had chimney caps destroyed prior to the last rain to insure that (hopefully) there would be no additional damage. Most of the new, if not all, dormers and chimney caps have been installed with new long lasting attachments. Gradually any chimney caps and dormers without the new weather resistant attachments should receive them. As many of your are aware, Mardi Gras did sustain considerable damage during our past storms. 



As of January 1, 2017, the State has changed the wording in Civil Code regarding limited use common areas (See Civil Code *4775 a). Unless CC&Rs provide otherwise, the Association is responsible for repairing, replacing, or maintaining the common area, other than exclusive use common area, and the owner of each separate interest is responsible for maintaining that separate interest and any exclusive use common area appurtenant to the separate interest.


Accordingly, this affects maintenance responsibilities concerning where the grounds maintenance staff are currently maintaining the ground cover. Limited use or exclusive use are areas that we normally would not expect other people to inhabit, such as our balconies, patios, and the areas inside our gates or the archways. This new State wording also conforms with the Coronado Cays Homeowners’ CC&Rs. Therefore if you have been expecting the grounds department to work in the area inside the arch way or gate by your front door they will not be coming inside that area unless there is an emergency.


Several months ago the CCHOA Board directed the Administrative staff to seek bids for possibly selecting a new company to oversee grounds maintenance. This was an effort on the part of the Board to make sure that we are still receiving the best value for the dollars expended. One of the stipulations was that the folks currently working would be offered continued employment in the Cays.


South Coastal Navy Campus

Thelatest information on this complex and Mardi Gras' concerns, is that supposedly there is to be a pass through lane for automobiles going from south to north unless a bicycle rider needs to cross or a bus needs to pick up or drop off passengers then a stop signal will be activated which will stop traffic traveling in both directions. In addition, the entry way into the complex is designed so that most if not all of the vehicles entering the complex will not line up on Highway 75. Supposedly lighting coming from the complex will not affect the homes at the southern end of Tunapuna. There will not be any new helicopter pads developed at the northern end of the complex. Currently they do land in a grassy area at the northern end.


Village Construction

Two of the CCHOA Villages, Montego and Antigua, will be undergoing major remodeling beginning soon. The funds for the two projects will be insured by the CCHOA initially, with a final decision as to the entire funding coming sometime after July 1, 2017. The initial funding will come from the reserves for those two Villages and then they will have an opportunity to vote on special assessments or borrowing the necessary funds. If they borrow the funds their annual assessments will need to be increased until the borrowed funds are repaid.


Mardi Gras 

The contract has been signed to add a seal coat on the following roads: Delaport, South Cays, Mardi Gras Court, and Tunapuna Lane. The seal coat should be applied fairly soon. A notice will be posted prior to the seal coat being applied. A new asphalt overlay will be done in 4 years.


Painting the homes will begin this next year and be done in three phases over the next three years.


The clubhouse is still going to have the kitchen cabinets, bathrooms and floors upgraded along with the pool deck. Timing is the major factor involved with these changes. 


The seawall stabilization is still being planned. The engineers have basically finished the final design work. As reported the last time, we are still waiting for the permits to be issued from several agencies. It is reported that the delay in receiving our permits is normal for many maintenance projects around San Diego Bay. As you know, we’ve been working on this project for the past two years. 



I welcome your concerns, question, and comments. There are many positive things happening in the CCHOA and Mardi Gras and I hope this answers some of your questions.  Bob Rood, Mardi Gras Director, dirmardigras@cchoa.org