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Antigua Village Newsletter March 2017


Antigua Village Newsletter March, 2017

Dear Antigua Homeowners:

WOW. It’s been quite the winter. We are dealing with numerous problems throughout our Village, but more about those later. First some good news.

The CCHOA, Board of Director’s, at the February meeting approved unanimously a plan to immediately begin repairing and renovating Antigua Village. This plan also had the support of the finance committee.  The first phase will include replacing all mansard siding, replacing all wood siding, replacing rotten wood, repairing and prepping all fences, gates and hardware, repairing and sealing rear trellis, installing new chase ways to hide cables going to roofs, replacing wood rot on garages, repairing and prepping stucco surfaces, replacing all rain gutters and down spouts, along with a complete repainting of the entire village.

The work is scheduled to begin in late March. It is estimated to take 8 months to fully complete. The contractor will be notifying everyone who is going to be affected. They will also be providing supervision on site to answer questions. The general contractor, not the Cays staff, will be overseeing and inspecting the work performed. This work will not require residents to move out and you will have access to your units. We will be setting up a staging area for the contractor use, plus storing materials at the CCHOA maintenance yard. It’s going to be a little inconvenient, but we can get through with just a little patience on everyone’s part.

Most of the work being performed will come with a 10 year parts and labor warranty plus whatever factory warranties come with each separate product. In the case of the Allura siding that’s up to 50 years.

We received three bids, from reputable contractors, for all the trades we will be using. I’m confident the contractors, products and methods we have chosen will produce the kind of results everyone is looking for.

This is by no means a comprehensive repair of our entire Village. It will however address the majority of exterior surfaces and safety issues. Our next challenge will be to tackle the remaining flat roofs, decks and landings, plumbing problems as well as stair cases and railings. I intend, and have already, started to develop a strategy to address these matters.


The recent, and almost record setting rain storms have pointed out how much work needs to be done in Antigua. In total, we had 8 upper decks leak into the units below. Almost all of these decks had been compromised by owners modifying the surfaces with tile, carpet or other products. We also had several flat roof leaks at the drains as well as some plumbing problems.

By my count, we have had 22 residents inconvenienced by leaks, and the subsequence repairs. That’s 20% of our Village calling and needing immediate assistance. This doesn’t even take into consideration the problems with boats, docks, umbrella’s etc. It was quite a storm.

Because of the age of Antigua, we routinely encounter asbestos in the drywall and /or the stucco. As you can imagine this dramatically affects the time and cost of these repairs. It also requires notice to owners, tenants as well as other regulatory agencies in addition to costly testing, clearances, containment structures and mitigation measures.

The failure to properly maintain or replace our structures in the past is clearly what has brought us to this point. We simply must accelerate our preventive maintenance and replacement programs to avoid having any leaks in the future.

The cost to rebuild these unit’s interior damages plus the exterior repairs are staggering. We are all paying these bills as a Village and we must work quickly and professionally to prevent this from happening again.

To that end, we will be inspecting and re-coating all waterside upper patios. We have contracted to have a professional and comprehensive flat roof inspection. We currently have a patch work of products and surfaces on our flat roofs. From this report, we can institute a program to finally complete this project.  We have in the interim, spent considerable hours on the flat roofs cleaning drains and repairing problems.

The board previously authorized a new reserve study to be completed. That work has almost been completed by the company and we will be seeing the results in the very near future. You will of course be given those numbers as soon as I have them. 

-Dennis Thompson